Part-time flight school

I am a legal assistant and a part-time student in college. Will I have enough time to do flight school once a week or part time every other day according to my hours and flexibility? Is there a flight school in NYC? I’d only be going for my private pilot license. Any recommendations on the ideal flight school in NYC that could accommodate my needs and flexibility? Thanks.

ATP is a full time school for those wanting to be a professional pilot.

I would go on Aviation Career Mentorship Facebook page for this type of school. You have ISP and other airports in your area that have flight schools.

You need to study before your flights.
You need to fly atleast 2 times per week, preferably 3.
Otherwise you will waste 1/2 your time relearning what you forgot & knock the rust off your muscle memory.

Expect around 50-60 flight hours, plus ground school. $15-25k depending on plane and hours.

I suggest starting soon because winter could cause delays and make training on part time schedule more difficult.

Chris F

Is there ATO flexibility flight school? I thought à PPL would cost only 6,500


ATP is an airline career pilot program, meant to train future airline pilots. The program is 7 ratings over 7 months. It does not offer individual ratings
à la carte. You’ll need to go to your local flight school for that. Pricing varies by school and how many hours it takes you to complete the required training.


$6500 would equal 40 flight hours with an aircraft and CFI that only cost $150/hour. That isn’t really possible today.

It would be hard to rent a plane anywhere, let alone in NYC area for $125/hr.
Cheapest instructor might be $30/hr. Many schools start @ at least $50/hr.
Doesn’t account for:
DPE Checkride (private $500-800).
Any ground training.
Any Equipment.
Any learning material.
And 40 flight hours is the minimum time required, which is not the norm. 60 flight hours is a better estimate for part time pilot.

Wayman Aviation in Florida, a flight school I worked at and flies Cessna 152s (one of cheapest planes to rent) had pricing for them at $190/hr with an instructor. On their website they quote $12-14k for all tflight training and ground school. This does not cover cost of written test, checkride and medical.

I would continue your research and get some pricing from schools near you. Infinity Flight School is in Trenton and you can ask their pricing. Then call around your area, it will likely be similar to maybe more.

All the best,
Chris F


To answer your question there are ZERO flight schools in NYC. The closest would be in White Plains or over the bridge in NJ. Know that flight training in the NY/NJ area is expensive. In all likelihood you’ll be much closer to $10-12k by the time your done particularly if you’re training part-time which is inefficient. But yes it is doable it will just take a while.