Part-Time Instructing/Flying

For Pilots who go past their Instrument Rating and go on to get their Commercial rating, are there any who have just done Instructing as a side gig on the side while tending to another full time occupation?

Also, are there any Pilot gigs out there for corporate, cargo, etcetera who just fly part time as well?

I’m interested in this for the aurora of being a pilot in any field not just full time commercial pilot which is a wonderful job nonetheless.


There are many pilots who instruct part-time. It’s actually quite common. Part-time corporate jobs are much more difficult to find if there are any.


I actually know a guy who part time instructs. He’s like in his early 40 but last I talked to him he does it because he doesn’t really need the money since he’s been the receiver at like a grocery store for 20 yrs his retirement is already pretty good and he doesn’t make mortgage payments since his house is paid off and he loves instructing