Partial Government Shutdown

Happy New Year everyone! I’m starting ATP at the Tampa location on 28 Jan and have been diligently studying for the written exams so I can get as many done as possible before I start. However, when I called ATP Training Support to schedule my first test, they notified me that the ongoing partial government shutdown prevents me from taking any of my FAA written tests. Well this just stinks!
Anyway I decided to keep prepping and studying. I feel very confident about the private written and have started Sheppard Air for Instrument. Hopefully, the shutdown doesn’t last too long for the folks who have been furloughed or worse, those who must continue to work without pay.
For the current students, instructors or moderators, have you heard anything about this shutdown affecting DPE availability or creating a backlog for checkrides? I’m still a few months from my first checkride, but wondering what domino effect the shutdown may cause.

Hello, that is great you are studying for the tests. DPEs, at least in our FSDO, are not affected by the government shutdown. We’ve had many checkrides during the shutdown!


Since the DPE’s are paid directly from the students there’s no effect. Keep studying.


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Thanks much, gents. Happy New Year!