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Passport? Admissions time?

Good Morning

I am a citizen of the US, but my passport and a few other things used to travel have all expired, this might be a weird question, but do I have to renew all those things before becoming a pilot or going to flight school? Also, once I get my first class medical and apply for ATP school, how long does it take to get accepted? How large is the chance that I can get declined? Please let me know. I thank you all for your daily hard work on this forum.

Yes you absolutely need to get that renewed as soon as possible. Having your passport is critical. However you may be able to get started at atp while it’s in the process of getting renewed if you have both a current drivers license and ORIGINAL birth certificate to prove US citizenship.
To get accepted, you must secure your first class medical, take an intro flight and secure a loan (unless paying for school out of pocket). Once you have completed all of those items, you will be considered and given a start date. Typically, it is not an issue getting in as long as your intro flight goes well (the instructor giving you your intro flight puts in a recommendation on your admission), and the prescreening doesn’t present an issues.


Hi Mikael,

As Hannah mentioned, you will want to renew your passport. As long as you have the Original or a Certified Copy of Government-Issued Birth Certificate as well as a valid driver’s license, you will be good to start training. More information on this can be found here: Preparing for your Airline Career Pilot Program / ATP Flight School

As far as admissions, there is no formal application that you will need to submit. We typically look to see that you meet one of our prerequisites (Admission Prerequisites for Airline Career Pilot Students/ ATP Flight School) but we are able to make exceptions.

After you have called and spoken to one of our admissions coordinators, we will have you start on the steps to enrollment (Enrollment Steps for Airline Career Pilot Students/ ATP Flight School)

As soon as you have your First Class FAA Medical Complete + financing approved (if needed), you are able to reserve your start date. We start every Monday at all 53 locations pending you schedule 3-4 weeks in advance. Keep in mind, you will also have the chance to come out for an introductory flight which is an opportunity where you can meet some of our students / instructors at the facility and get a feel for the training center atmosphere.

Hope this helps!