Good morning all.
I have a question. Do pilots required to have a special passport if they fly international a lot? Or do they have the same regular passport like everyone else but have to get a new one every 6 months or so with so many stamps.
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I have a regular passport, and I fly to Canada probably once or twice a month. I think I’ve heard that there is a option to get an enlarged passport with extra pages but I don’t believe that many people use it. Adam and Chris might have a different take on it.


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We have regular passports just like everybody else. Generally the customs authorities do not stamp our passports, so them filling up is not an issue.


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Oh ok. Thanks Yarden

Standard issue passport and as the guys said they don’t stamp (but you can ask if there’s one you like). You are however required to get visas to certain countries (China, Australia, etc) but your airline usually takes care of that.


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Oh ok. Thanks a lot Chris

Ok i got it now. Thanks a lot Adam


There’s a really nifty perk crewmembers have (both pilots and FAs) called KCM (Known Crewmember) which allows you to simply swipe a card and show your ID and you’re through in a hurry. MUCH faster than Pre-check. The only other lines are immigration lines when returning from foreign countries and yes there are “crew lines” for those. Many crewmembers also pay for their own Global Entry which can also help speed things up even further but I haven’t it as that big a benefit as the crew lines are usually pretty short.