Past Bankruptcy an Issue?

Question for you guys. I’ve been reading this site for 6 months. The info you guys provide is unbelievable. I am 41 and sold my business last year because I was miserable and wanted out. Aviation is my passion and I am lucky to have found a job in the industry! While I really enjoy it and am lucky to be around planes every day, I truly want to be a pilot. Unfortunately the person I sold my business too ran it into the ground and I now have to file for bankruptcy because I still have a couple loans in my name that did not get transferred to the new owner in time before they defaulted. Will a bankruptcy be an issue while trying to apply and interviewing for the regionals? Didn’t want to move forward if I don’t have a chance before I get started. Thanks for what you guys do!


Nobody likes to see a bankruptcy regardless of the reason and it is of course a blemish. If everything else is clean on your record and you can show that prior to things were ok (and this isn’t a life long history of irresponsible behavior) you should be fine. The Regionals are really quite desperate for bodies so that’s definitely a plus. Your best bet is to give a call or email a Regional or 2 you might be interested in directly and they can and will tell you.

I think you’ll be ok.



In the current hiring environment, I do not see this being an issue on the regional level. Things happen, airlines understand that. That being said, keep your financial house in order moving forward as the majors look at everything.


Thanks guys for the quick response and advise! Definitely makes me feel more comfortable moving forward.