Paths after highscool

Hi, my name is Milek Cole Manney. I am confused about to become a pilot. I have looked at the website and it’s a lot of information to take in. I would please like a step by step plan after high school on what to do and what to complete to become a pilot. For example with the first thing on the list being

  1. complete highschool (with any grade requirements)

Then the steps on if I should go to college or do flight school with the best flight school named. I am still new to this industry and the information the website was very helpful, but I just want a step by step list on how to become a pilot!


It is hard to give a step by step as there are many different paths to becoming a pilot and not one pathos right for everybody. I recommend checking out the FAQ section as there is a ton of good information there, then come back to us with more specific questions and we will be happy to help.


What is the best option if you want to have the college experience but you want to get your hours as quick as possible? Or do I need to not go to college and join a aviation college instead?


There are many routes to a career in aviation and yes is you want to be successful you will need a degree. Plus if you want to have a “college experience” you’ll obviously need to go to college. That’s said we don’t recommend aviation degrees as they provide no backup of aviation doesn’t work out.

As Chris said you need to spend some time reading through the FAQ section as we outline the process. After please feel free to come back and ask more specific questions.


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