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Hello everyone! I’m just seeking some advice about the current path I’m on from the experienced individuals on here! Anyways, I’m 19 and I’m currently enrolled in a community college taking classes for Pre-Nursing. Nursing was my Plan B and I didn’t really look into flight schools when I graduated in 2020 because of the pandemic and hesitation to ask my parents to support financially. I am designated to graduate after this Spring semester and I would have the option to apply to Nursing school to become an R.N which is another 2 years. I’m torn between applying to Nursing school and then flight school afterward OR not applying to nursing school at all and just committing to a flight school.
So my question is, would it be advisable for me to continue my plan B first than flight school or the other option where I just commit to flight school?
Also, would it matter what kind of degree you have when applying to a major airline?


Welcome to the forum. I personally would recommend that you finish your degree first. It is simply easier to stay in “school mode” and finish than it is to go back later in life.

That being said, the fastest path to the airlines is to go to flight training right after this spring semester and then come back and finish college later. This will get you to the airlines sooner, but you need to make sure you have the dedication to finish the degree at some point.

The majors do not care what field of study the degree is in, just that you have a degree.


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You say I’m 2yrs you can be an RN but does that give you a 4yr Bachelors degree? If not AND you want to fly then I might consider cutting and going straight to flight training. While I usually agree that people should finish their school first of your current path isnt going to produce a 4yr degree then maybe go back later and finish online.



I appreciate the advice!



Unfortunately, the two-year Nursing Program would only get me to an Associate Degree in Nursing. I appreciate the advice!


So it’s either finish with the 2 years with associates and go to flight training or continue with nursing school? Seems to me like nursing school would be a huge undertaking if you don’t plan on actually pursuing the field. Realistically your options should be:

  1. Finish the Associates and start flight training. You’ll have to finish up those last two years while at a regional. It’s the fastest path to the airlines but still a big challenge to be in school while also flying at the regionals.
  2. Finish up the associates as well as the last two years to a bachelors in another field of choice that creates a good backup career. Something practical that also provides the opportunity to make a great gpa. Then start flight training immediately afterward. It’s the easier path to focus on school first then training plus you’d still be younger than most reaching the regionals.


Sounds good. I appreciate the advice!


Of course! Thats what we’re here for! Let us know if there is anything else we can help with.