Pay at once?

Hello All,
I hopr you all are well. I have a question, after being on the forum for awhile now, I understand a decent bit about the way things work, but one thing I still dont understand is, lets say I am about to start ATP flight school, I need to pay ALL 90k at once? I cant pay it slowly, over the course of the nine months? There isnt a payment plan or a monthly billing? I need to literally write a check for 88k and send it to them? Please let me know.

Thanks in advance.



If you are borrowing: Salle Mae or Wells Fargo will open your account to ATP who will pull the payments when due and get you your Checkride costs when needed.

If self financing: you will have 4 payments. These are tentative dates you will originally get with the payment amount. Your payment date may fluctuate based on your speed through the program.