Pay Level


I know every airline pays their pilots differently. But do the pay rates stay constant within everyone based off seniority or is it also based off of other things such as bachelors degree/education, hours worked, etc?

Thank you, Androu


ALL airline pay rates are based on your position (CA or FO), the airplane and most important seniority. Degrees or other qualifications have no bearing whatsoever on pay (they will however effect hiring which can translate to seniority and therefore pay, but not directly).

You do mention hours worked and some airlines do pay a premium if you fly over a certain number of hours but that’s not actually “payrate”.


Hi Adam,

Does everyone get their pay bump after each 12 calendar months? Or does it standardize to the calendar year after your first year? (ie does everyone get a pay bump January 1, or do they get it Month 13, 25, 37, etc)?



Great question and the answer is both. YOUR yearly pay bump (ie, 1st yr FO, 2nd yr FO) is on the anniversary of your DOH (date of hire). In addition virtually all airline pilot contracts have yearly pay bumps (say 3%) that all will receive on a contractually stipulated date (often the anniversary of the contract signing). Make sense?


Take a look at this graph I posted below. I just happened to pick United but you can find pay scales for any airline you’re interested in. It shows the pay per position, airframe and seniority very nicely. All three determine your pay. Every employee will fall in to one rate based on those three factors. Start at either a CA or FO to select the right graph. Then locate seniority and airframe; that will be your pay rate.


Thanks Adam, it does make sense.