Paying for Aviation Career with Low Credit/Debt

Can anyone give me suggestions or recommendations on how to achieve a career as a pilot (at least getting up to multi e-commercial or better yet ATP), starting out below the Student Pilot Certificate (although with quite a bit of aviation ground school knowledge), that has too bad of a credit score to qualify for pilot financial aid programs, young and with a decent amount of debt, and working a full time job plus a part time job and that after bare minimum living expenses, I can only afford 2 flight lessons/week (at the private pilot level). Are there any better routes to take than doing lessons slowly, hourly, and est. total to be around 40-50K for all training before a career can begin? I’d really appreciate some ideas as I’m really, really passionate about flying.


The best thing I can recommend is to stop taking lessons and save the money. You could put the money towards paying down debt or just save it up. I personally would pay down the debt as it will improve your credit score. Your current path will take many years, if you are able to sustain it.

Get out of debt and you financing options will be a lot easier.