Paying out of pocket for Additional Flights as Student

I’m considering starting up at ATP in the fall of 2017. Got the 1st class Medical and am ready to apply for financing soon. I’m Graduated from 4 year university with bachelors in business management but have got the aviation bug. Without money saved up, ATP is one of the only schools I can find with accelerated programs that provides financing (sources of financing) for all of it. Naturally I’ve compared a ton of local flight schools and looked at the pros and cons. A CFI at a local flight school did the ATP program and said that he didn’t regret his training but he found that ‘what they don’t tell you’ is that if you require additional flights, esp during CPL and CFI stage you have to pay for them out of pocket and that many students had to take a second loan to do so. Does this happen often? I have great study ethic and am prepared for the full time schedule once I start, but am curious if a 1 time student loan is enough or if I should plan on having some extra reserves if i “require additional flights”. Thanks in Advance.

From what I have heard from past students is kinda of conflicting. I have talked to many that say that they got through with no addition flight time and had some actually left over in the end and others say that they had to get additional flight time. I think it depends greatly on the student and if you are struggling to much in a bunch of different areas you are going to need more flight time. There is extra time built in and time can be pulled from other portions of the training, but only so much. Hope that helps somewhat.


From my understanding, students having to purchase additional flight time does not happen very often, but it does happen. I would strongly disagree with the idea that ATP does not tell you that this is a possibility, it is right here on their FAQs page: and is of course contained in the flight training agreement that you will sign when you enroll.

There is a bit of excess flight time built into the program in case you need additional time, but only to a point. If that happens, you and ATP will work out a plan to pay for the additional flight time.

I struggled a bit during the CFI portion of my training, but used the extra time and was able to graduate on time and without incurring any additional costs.


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During my time as a student and instructor at ATP, while again we know it can happen, I never knew anyone who required any additional hours. Train and study hard and you’ll be fine.