Payment Schedule and Early Departure

I am looking to start at ATP in the next six months or so. Does anyone know what the payment schedule would be if we were to pay or finance on our own? Also, not planning on anything like this happening, but what would happen if some life event happened and I was unable to finish all steps of the training? Would I still be responsible for the full $80000 if I only made it through a Multi-Engine commercial for instance?
Thanks in advance


The attached outlines the payment schedule and refund policy.

Btw only making it through ME CPL sounds more like not wanting to be a CFI then “some life event”.



If a student leaves the program early, they are issued a pro-rated refund in accordance with ATP’s policies. That being said, with the way the program is structured, I would recommend finishing the program.


If you make it through the CMEL part of the program, you only have about 15 hours of ME flight time and one checkride left to finish the program. What possible life event could prevent you from finishing the program at that time?


My friends at my training center who took out loans don’t have to worry about the payments as ATP withdraws when it’s due.

If you self find like I did you will get a projected payment date for each one due (I had 4 dates) but be prepared to have that money at your disposal because if you accelerate through a phase your payment will get bumped up with about 5 business days notice.

Also like Sergey said when you get your Comm ME add on all that’s left is 15 ME Hrs and your MEI Checkride.

If you don’t want to get your flight instructor certs you get a set amount refunded off the course and a set amount of hours to put towards your total time but you’d have to ask admissions about the exact numbers.