Payment schedule

Hi all. Is there a structured payment schedule that I can review and plan for?

Context: I’m blessed enough to have some incredibly low-interest financial resources to pull from, and the question has been asked if the $80,995 tuition can be paid monthly with a credit card.

The payee is able to earn some travel miles (go figure :roll_eyes:) so I figured it couldn’t hurt to ask here.

Thanks in advance!


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Contact ATP admin. directly and they can help.


As Adam mentioned, contact admin. Short of blood/plasma, I’ve seen my classmates pay with loans, cards, cash and everything in between.


Is contacting ATP admin essentially calling the 904-674-8600 number?

If so, I just got off the phone with Admin and they said cash, personal check or cashiers check (ie. cash ONLY), aside from their own financing options through Sally Mae, of course.

Does this seem right?
Did I contact the correct department?



ATP Admissions 904-595-7950


FWIW, I confirmed that unless you do their financing options, they’re a cash-only operations (ie. personal check, business check, cashiers check). Oh well. ¯_(ツ)_/¯