Payscales & Equipment

Two questions out of pure curiosity, perhaps one of the mentors or others could help answer…

  1. For the airlines that operate both 737 and 757 aircraft, is there typically a pay difference for CAPT’s and FO’s between the two (I know they’re both narrow bodies, but does the 757 pay more given that it’s a larger aircraft?)

  2. If anyone is familiar with Delta, I’m curious about the new A220…is there actually a demand for it, seniority wise (i.e., are any senior pilots flocking to it, over, say, the 737) or is it going to mostly junior pilots?


Simple rule of thumb, more seats usually equals more pay. Also take a look at , they have every airline’s pay rates for all equipment.

As for the A220 I’ve heard Delta finally wants to get rid of their remaining MDs and 71s and are hoping it’ll do the job. That said even though they’re calling it an Airbus it’s still really a big RJ and that means junior.



Excellent, thank you!


At United the 737 and 757 pay the same hourly rate, but my understanding is that at other airlines the 757 usually pays slightly more.

I have heard that the A220 is going rather junior, which is exactly what I would expect from such a small airplane and the pay rates that go with it.