Pen Recommendation

Hello all! It’s been a while! Been enjoying instructing and been really busy lately which is great!

We know that we should all aspire to keep a professional looking logbook throughout training and instructing. Those small spaces can sometimes be a little challenging to fill depending on your pen and writing style. This brings me to the question of: What pen do you use? Any good recommendations?

As always, thank you for your inputs and have a great day!


Obviously everyone has their preference. I generally like the Pilot G-2 roller which seems pretty popular since I always seem to find lost ones in the cockpit. My only beef is the 7mm is a little fat and the 5mm is a little fine for my taste. Recently started using a Sakura 5mm roller that I picked up in Japan which is perfect.



I too am a fan of Pilot pens. I use 0.5 or 0.38. Mistakes happen. My best advice is to make one line through the mistake, write in the correction and initial next to it. Since logbooks are based on the honor system, this won’t look like you’re trying to fudge numbers.



Have you thought of switching to an electronic logbook? I would highly recommend doing so.


Thank you all for the recommendation! Chris, I am currently doing both electronic and paper. Just in case.

What’s a good electronic logbook app for Apple products?


I actually do not use an electronic logbook, so hopefully somebody that does will chime in.


I’m anti-Apple but I’ve been using LogBookPro on Android forever. Big fan and I know they make Apple software, not sure why? :wink:


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LogTen Pro is the program for Apple and only Apple.

Thanks Danielle, I will check it out. Adam I definitely understand your reservations about Apple. I used to feel the same till I needed more stability and battery life for my work.

ForeFlight, which ATP students are required to use anyway, has a logbook feature now.

Definitely recommend using the ForeFlight built in logbook!

What people may not be aware of is that when you update on your phone/iPad it automatically syncs with the web version. So even if you lose your electronics or your flight bag is stolen you still have a copy on their servers that you can access from any computer.