Percentage bar on airline pilot central

Hello everyone. I was recently researching different airlines on Airline Pilot Central. Then I came across the pay scale calculator for American Airlines. The percentage bar on the bottom was set at 1. Is it supposed to be set at 1 or something else?

Honestly, I have no idea why that is there. Just leave it at “1” as that is giving accurate numbers.

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I’ve always used the percentage bar to see what my take home would be after taxes. It’s not very accurate obviously. It’s a confusing feature.

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Ok thanks. That helps a lot.

Someone said it can be used to calculate future pay raises? So it in the notes it says 3% pay raise in 2019 you could plug in 1.03% to see what it would be.

That makes sense. Seems like a rather useless feature to me.

@Chris My thoughts exactly

Oh that makes sense. Thank you!