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Personal life

How is a pilots personal/family life. I’ve wanted to be a pilot my whole life and nothing is going to stop me from achieving that dream, but I am concerned about life away from your family.


A pilot’s personal/family life is as good (or bad) as a doctor’s, a lawyer’s, McDonald’s fry guy or the mailman. Sure in the beginning you schedule will be less than great but if your relationships are strong and you have people who love and support you it’ll be fine. If you don’t you won’t. Those in your life need to understand flying is a career not a job and to be successful it will require some sacrifice on both parts. The good news is pilot’s have little to do career wise when we’re not working so there are minimum distractions when you are home and there’s nothing stopping you from bringing family along on some trips. As I said if your relationships are strong and healthy you’ll be fine.


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