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Hi, thanks for all of the helpful threads. I’m really grateful for the time spent answering them. One lingering question I have regards a subject I’m not sure has been addressed yet, personality / temperament traits of pilots. Is there a typical profile of pilots (ie perfectionist, detailed, conscientious) that flourish more readily than others? Are there personally profiles that struggle more than others? Thanks in advance.


I find that those who do best are laid back and calm under pressure. There can be a lot of pressure in aviation, from emergencies to just the daily grind. Those who get spun up and wrapped around the axle usually do not handle such situations as well as those who are calm and methodical.


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Clearly some personalities are better suited to certain occupations and aviation is no exception. While there are always exceptions most pilots are typically “Type A” and yes of course being detail oriented and conscientious when people are putting their lives in your hands is always desirable. That said what’s important is recognizing your strengths and weaknesses and being aware of how that may effect you while you’re working. For example while I’m generally VERY calm and relaxed under pressure, I have learned that I have a tendency to become very autonomous when dealing with emergencies and want to do EVERYTHING. This has been proven to be far less effective than delegating and managing. Over the years I’ve learned to recognize this behavior and therefore can now step back and assess and take input which makes me a better and more effective crewmember and leader. Make sense?



Makes perfect sense! Thank you both for your keen insight and helpful wisdom. I really appreciate it.


PS. Going on a discovery flight tonight in AVL. I’m currently on sabbatical which is why I’m revisiting this life long desire and have the time to pursue my private pilots license.

Anytime. Let us know how else we can help you.

Enjoy the discovery flight :slight_smile:


In addition to favorable personality traits, there are also harzardous attitudes that pilots should always avoid. Figure 2-4 in this link explains what they are and how to mitigate each one.




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