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Are pilots not book intellectual types on average? A personality test said this but I imagine it’s not necessarily true. I love reading and writing and researching and plan to become an airline pilot


I’m going to have to raise the bull-feathers flag on this one. I know ALOT of pilots and we have some VERY “book intellectual” types (who have the engineering, physics and math degrees to prove it) all the way to artistic types (musicians, actors, artists) and EVERYTHING in between. As in most things, pigeon-holing people is rarely true or a good thing.



I hope you didn’t pay for that personality test because I would be asking for my money back. That is so far from the truth. It’s impossible for a pilot to not be book smart. Flying is as much of a mental exercise as it is physical. There’s even a saying that says if a pilot stops learning, it’s time to retire. Just like fading memory, flying is a diminishing skill.

I think the article was crap. I am not aiming to pidgeon hole , and I didn’t mean to offend you guys, I was wondering what personality fits the job

No offense taken, just saying it’s silly and you can’t generalize.


No hard feelings james


Pilots are an incredibly diverse group of individuals. I have flown with guys and gals who are very mechanical, some that are musical, business minded people and also intellectuals.

I would put absolutely zero credence in that personality test.


Thank yout Chris!