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Hi.I’m 15 and Im going to high school next year.And I want to be a pilot but my one eye is blind and Im an Asian.Is it okay to be a Pilot?

Hi Tuugu and Welcome!

First off I’m not sure why you think Asian would be an issue or even a question? (Although I did see that some research suggests Asians have a higher rate of Myopia (near-sighted) than other ethnicities?). As for the “monocular” vision to be honest I wasn’t sure but I just did some quick research and apparently it is possible! You’d need to get a SODA (Statement of Demonstrated Ability) waiver from an AME (Aviation Medical Examiner) basically saying you have the ability to compensate for the blind eye. I would recommend you contact a local AME (Google or go on the AOPA website) and have him tell you exactly what’s required of you. From what I understand there are a number of pilot’s out there flying with monocular vision.

Good luck and let me know how you make out.


Okay,Thank you a lot!

Hi Tuugu,

I actually know of a Continental pilot who lost his eye in an accident and was able to continue flying. Adam’s advice is spot on, you will need a SODA from your AME to fly.


Thank you pilot mentors. I am in the same predicament and didn’t realize this was an option. I see the AME tomorrow and will be sure to mention it.

Hi Adam

what if i have partial color blindness, im from Indonesia. while in Indonesia’s flying institute, they give zero tolerance for color blindness


I am not sure about Indonesia’s policies, but any form of color blindness will raise red flags with the FAA. To get a definite answer on this you would need to speak with a medical doctor that specializes in American FAA or Indonesian medical exams.



The FAA basically states that an applicant must be able to pass one of their approved color vision exams. From what I understand, depending on the severity, many pilots are able to find one they can pass. Here’s a link to the FAA website for more info but as Chris said your best bet is to contact an AME.