Pilot career with a driving record

Thank you very much.


It doesn’t eliminate your chances but it definitely will make things more difficult. Your first obstacle will be obtaining a First Class Medical from the FAA. The FAA takes alcohol and drug issues very seriously (as they should) and depending on the circumstances it could require some hurdles. If you can get your medical it then becomes a matter of putting as much distance as you can between yourself and your offense. If it was in fact a one time deal and your clean otherwise that shouldn’t be a problem. If it wasn’t and you get a second or other offenses then you’re done.

In the past a single DUI was a career killer but the Regionals have relaxed that somewhat. When/if it comes time to get to a Major you may have a tougher time.



One DUI will not be the end of the world, but you need to make sure that your record stays absolutely clean moving forward. I mean spotless. No tickets, not even a parking ticket. Once can be overlooked, two DUIs shows a pattern.