Pilot career

Hello, I am a fifty-two-year-old S.E.L./ inst.rated pilot with approx.900 hr and have always wanted to be a commercial pilot but was stopped by hearing that if colorblind I could not become this for commercial pilot, I have recently found out that I can do this and have thought about still pursuing my dream is this possible at my age and if so would it be worth my effort being my age,
If I could get into this I would like to fly for FedEx ,or something similar flying turboprops into smaller airports picking up cargo/mail, let me know what you think about my situation thanks Paul


Obviously you know the biggest obstacle you face is time, or lack of it. Mandatory retirement is 65 and you still need to earn your Commercial license. FedEx themselves doesn’t fly any turboprops. The planes you see painted in FedEx colors are smaller FedEx partners like Empire and Mountain and while they’re not subject to the 1500hr rule, most require 1200hrs for insurance purposes. If I were you I’d contact any of those carriers in your area and speak with them directly. The good news is there is a pilot shortage and while most people would only be staying with them a few years they could get 10+ with you.



Check out this link and look under “List of Contract Carriers” for a list of the smaller airlines that fly cargo for FedEx.