Pilot financing

hello i am 16 and i was just wondering about my future of trying to be a airline pilot and i came across financing and since i am muslim we cannot take loans with intrest and i now there is many muslim pilots in the world for emirates and qater airways and british airways so how can i finance for my training without intrest.I now there are muslim banks around the work that give out loans without intrest so can you help me with a method to pay my flight training

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I believe Chris answered your question previously but I’m not sure where it went. I was not aware that Islam prevented the practice of loans with interest? If you know of Muslim banks that will give loans without interest I suggest you contact one of them. All ATP’s financial sources only offer conventional (with interest) financing.

On a side note you’re only 16 which is great because it gives you some time to do some research. During that time I recommend you work on your English skills as that’s a requirement for pilots worldwide. English is the official language of the ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) and being proficient is a requirement.