Pilot hours, and experience

What is the best way to build up your hours for becoming an airline pilot and how long does it usually take?


The most common route must pilots take is flight instruction. This is often the only position a very low time Commercial pilot get find. While not everyone is thrilled with being a flight instructor, it is in fact an excellent way to hone your skills and keep yourself sharp (nothing like a brand new student, who seems like they’re intentionally trying to kill you, to keep you on your toes!).

There are other jobs out there but they can be hard to find and again many aren’t available until you build more time.



The vast majority of pilots build their flight time via flight instructing, which is what I did. Flight instructing is a great way to really cement in your head the things you have learned as a pilot while also gaining some very good experience. There are other ways, such as flying parachute jumpers, banner towing, etc, but flight instructing is by far the most common, and in my opinion, efficient way.


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