Pilot jobs that supports owning pets?

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So I have no aviation experience, but I know I want to fly as a career. I also have always wanted a dog. I was wondering what sort of jobs could allow me to fly while also owning a pet. I don’t have my heart set on any particular job so I am open to anything. Maybe becoming a flight instructor?

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It’s really just a matter of arranging a pet sitter if you don’t already have someone in your life than is willing to take care of your dog while you’re gone.



Obviously the airlines are out unless you have a partner that’s home. Flight instructing can work but to might not make enough to support yourself and the dog. Personally I’d put dog on the list of goals after job age family.


I got a dog when I was working a 9-5 job and home every night. Obviously when I started flying it was a concern. So I moved back home where I had family and friends to help support me. Going through my ratings and as a flight instructor, I was home every night. Occasionally I had long days and needed someone to go let my dog out. Now I’m flying 8 days gone and 6 days home. My routine on my way to the airport includes dropping my dog off at my parents house. I’m lucky to have them nearby and willing to watch him because it saves a lot of money. You could end up doing the same, dropping them off at a friends house, sitters or a dog boarding place. It’s an extra stressor but it’s what you have to do for family.



With any type of flying job, you will need to find somebody that can take care of your pet, often for several days at a time.


My girlfriend and I put off having a dog to get our careers started (both regional pilots).

We’ve finally got an Australian Cattle Dog 6months ago and he’s a blast, but 100% requires more planning with our schedules and anything we want to do.

Besides the ethical issue of giving a pet a proper home and providing enough attention…

They cost a lot of money. $20-$50/night at a pet sitter here in Chicago. About $200-350/m in total costs.

Make sure you’re stable and can cover both above before getting the pup.

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