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Hi Everyone. Another question here. So, my question is this: if you go on airlinepilotcentral.com you can find pilot pay. So, let me give you a scenario. You are a 6th year FO on the 737. A bid opens up at a base for the 757. You get the bid and undergo training, and start flying as a FO in the 757. Same company. Do you go back to 1st year FO pay for the 757 or maintain 6th year FO pay in the 757?

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Good question and yes when you change aircraft your pay is based on your time at the company NOT on the particular aircraft. So yes, even though you’re new on the 757, you’d be 6th year 757 pay.

FYI, APC gets their info from it’s members and are not always updated so the info might not be the most current.


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Adam, thank you. I appreciate the fast response. I was worried about that. Thanks.


Take a look at this link, it helps explain how pilots are paid and was written by yours truly:



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Thanks Chris

On a related note, I believe you may have answered this question in a previous string but I am unable to find it. In either the regionals or the majors, as you progress up the seniority ladder as a FO, lets say with 6 yrs seniority, and are promoted to Captain, do you start from year one again on the seniority ladder or does your seniority stay intact?? do you cross-over from 6th yr FO pay to 6th yr Capt pay regardless of aircraft??



Yes and no. If you’re talking pay the answer is no you don’t reset the clock, you (in your scenario) would be a 6 yr CA. But you would be a junior CA so your schedule would suffer.

I also want to clarify something. You are not “promoted” to CA. The CA’s seat is something you must earn. Your seniority affords you the opportunity to upgrade to CA but they don’t just hand you your 4 stripes once you reach the magic number. If you bid and are awarded CA you must then go through upgrade training. While this is generally not an issue (personally I found it easier than initial) there are people that are unsuccessful. Those that are unsuccessful are usually the pilots that think it’s their right (they served their time) and show expecting the CAs wings to be handed to them. It’s not quite that simple.


Thanks Adam!!

I knew going to Capt was linked to your seniority but I didn’t know what else went into the decision, I had a feeling, of course, that performance evaluations would play a role along with a person’s character.