Pilot Pool

Is Pilot Pool only offered to ATP students?


Pilotpool.com is open to all pilots and is free of charge. The only difference for ATP students and non ATP students is that for ATP students and instructors the company integrates with ATP’s records and updates your profile automatically. A non ATP student will need to do this themselves.


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Hi Chris,

Thanks for the quick reply. I have tried several times to register at pilot pool, but have received an error each time. That was the reason for my question.


I have 2 questions that I hope someone can answer for me about Pilot Pool. I created my account the other day and selected the airlines that I would like to apply with. When I go to my Dashboard most of the needed qualifications are the same, that is except for Envoy. It’s my understanding that you must have 1500 hrs to fly for an airline but Envoy only shows that you need 1450 hrs. Does anyone know why that is??

Also, what is a CMEL Certificate?? I’m thinking Commercial Multi-Engine License but since I’m still learning I think I could be wrong!!



Envoy must just figure that you will gain the 50 hours needed between applying and interviewing, or perhaps they are counting simulator time. Either way, you will need 1500 hours.

You are absolutely correct about the Commercial Multi-Engine License. There is a lot of lingo and jargon in this industry, you will pick it up over time.


Thanks Chris!! I thought that may be the case with Envoy but just thought it weird the way it was listed. As far as the lingo and jargon goes, I’m learning which is always a good thing!!