Pilot Salaries in 2018: Which Airline Will Have the Highest Pay?


They’re showing Hawaiian’s old contract numbers. We’ve come up considerably.


The article was written in late 2017, glad to hear that things have gotten even better.

Me too! :wink:


I am new here, thank you for this forum! I wanted to ask a question: this Captain earn 7500 $ at month and work for the Compass Airlines( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZSjaH6TlDo0&t=2s ). What is a good way to get into the Major or Legacy Airlines once someone get the ATPL license? should someone start from regional flight and then move up with seniority before getting noticed from the best airlines?


To answer your question, yes.

Please take a moment to look around the forum and especially take a look at the FAQ section as many of your questions are answered there.