Pilot schools in Orlando

Hey guys and my apologies for beating a dead horse if this has already been answered.

I am looking into schools that will take me all the way( or at lest as far as possible)

I had my eyes on an Academy called AeroSim Flight Academy, but it has some bad reviews and only 23% of people graduate…That really scares me because I want the chance to excel, but I don’t like the odds. I guess my question are all schools pretty much the same or is there anything in particular I should be looking for before applying to the schools.

Sorry for questions, but these schools are not cheap and I don’t want to jump into something that’s not going to put me in the right direction or promise to do something it doesn’t.


Under my “Flying the Line” section there is a post called “Questions For Any Prospective Flight School”. Take a look there, I think it will be what you are looking for.

A 23% graduation rate is deplorable. I would stay far away from a school like that.



No apology necessary. I honestly don’t know anyone who’s gone to AeroSim but here’s what I do know. Aerosim is the former Comair/Delta Academy and is now owned by L3 (a large European sim manufacturer). I’m not sure where you read the reviews but 23% is ridiculous and I don’t see how they’d stay in business? You can read good and bad reviews about everything on the internet so you really have to take some with a grain of salt. I just visted teir website and I’ll tell you what does bother me, this statement:
*Pricing: All prices are estimates and based on the Training Course Outline (TCO) hours it takes a cadet to go through the various programs. All prices are subject to change. Each cadet’s experience may vary and hours or costs may be different than what is quoted here.
That to me is a problem. I don’t want to sound like a commercial but no, all schools are not the same. ATP GURANTEES the quoted price is the price you’ll pay. ATP has also placed over 300 pilots at the airlines in the last year. Perhaps you should give them a look.


Thanks so much Adam,

I got the 23% from the loan form as I was filling it out. When I put in the school code it reported that Percentage so it scared me haha.

I would love to join ATP, but I read that you need a college degree in order to get into the airline field and I have no college and I am already 33 :frowning:


ATP requires either a 2yr degree OR your Private Pilot’s License OR 2 yrs equivalent work experience. If you’ve worked consistently over the last years you could get approved by ATP admin. Now whether you go to ATP, Aerosim or Bob’s Flight School and lawn mower repair, a 4 yr degree is definitely something that will help you advance, BUT it is not required for a career in the airlines.

First the Regionals do not require a degree and you could have a very nice career as a Regional pilot. There also are a few Majors that will look at you without a degree (Atlas and Hawaiian for example). Thing is if you aspire to fly for one of the big 3 you’ll definitely require a degree and by not having one you would be severely restricting your options. BUT, if you goal is simply to fly for an airline and get paid to be a pilot it can be done. All depends on your goals.


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Another option is to flow from a regional like Envoy to a major - American. You can flow with out a degree but again, as all the mentors have been suggesting, it’s strongly recommended to earn a degree.

I agree. I will go back to school once I finish the ATP program if 'im able to.