Pilot Traning

What will be the best option for me and where to start my pilot’s career from zero level to professional pilot in a commercial airlines with B-777 or B-787 type rating? Where can i get best opportunity to fulfil my dreams?


It would really help to have. Bit more information from you, like age, education level and nationality, that way we can better answer your questions.


Thanks Chris for your concern.

I am really curious to know exact information about because i have to consult with my family .
I am sending you my info
Name : Dipesh Raj Bhandari
DOB: 18th of March, 1999(18yrs)
Nationality : Nepali
Education : High School (+2 in Nepal)

You can ask further questions for clear information.
Waiting for you response.
Thanking You !

I have replied you in Airline Pilot Life. Shall I do it here?

You can train in the United States, but you will need to get the appropriate visa.

To train at ATP you will need to have two years of college or work experience, so right now you would be unable to train.

You will not be able to fly as a pilot in the United States. To do so you would need to be a US citizen or permanent legal resident. I would recommend that you check with flight schools in your country as they will be best able to help you.


Can you please make my conversation with some other pilots from other
countries by giving them my email ??
Can you do this favour to me please?
My ultimate goal is to work in wide body aircrafts of emirates etihad or
qatar airways … I have a lot of passion inside me … I just want to join
it as far soon as possible before I get more confused and lose my passion.
Can you?


I do not know of any pilots from other countries. You will need to do some research on your own. Best of luck.



Emirates has a cadet program for young aspiring pilots. I really don’t know the details but it’s very competitive and has other education requirements (Etihad and Qatar may also?). I recommend you contact those airlines directly. They may be able to help.


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