Piloting and stereotypes

This has nothing to do with being a pilot just a question i have in my head. Do most pilots really favor aviator sunglasses or is that just a stereotype. If so what is so special about them


Quoting wiki, aviator sunglasses were designed to cover the entire range of the human eye and prevent as much light as possible from entering the eye from any angle.

I rarely see pilots wearing the classic aviator style. If they are, they’re probably just wearing them because they like the way they look.

Personally, I loved my polarized Ray Ban Wayfarers when I was flying steam gauges as a CFI. Now that I’m flying glass, I had to buy non-polarized sunglasses to eliminate the glare.


I would say that most pilots do not wear aviator style sunglasses, or “pilot watches” for that matter. You will need to have non-polarized sunglasses for use in the cockpit as polarized ones make it difficult to see the LCD sunglasses.

Many of the “old crusties” still wear the aviators (with their mustaches) but it’s really just style and personal taste. Most of the pilots I know wear Oakley’s and Maui Jims.


I like to keep it a bit classier and go with Ralph Lauren.

Welp, I was looking for an excuse to get a new pair of sunglasses and now I have it.

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