Is it possible to become a commercial airline pilot and fly planes such as a 777 and be able to fly a small helicopter as a hobby in your free time?

In the US will you will not be able to jump right into a 777 as a new hire (unless the extreme possibility that the airline needs you there to fill a spot). However, many foreign carriers will have new hires go straight to the widebody, which depending on their fleet. As for your hobby you can do anything you want on your days off. That’s up to you if you wish to spend your time doing that. But I think you’ll want to relax after 4 days of work away from home.


The short answer is sure and many pilots fly recreationally in their off time. Thing is your pilot’s license is your pilot’s license and you need to be careful you don’t do something foolish while flying as a hobby that would effect your career.

Daniel, not sure your point? No where did Donovan ask or imply he’d be starting off flying a 777?


Well I just thought I would throw it in there since he asked about becoming a commercial pilot. Wanted to make sure it was understood that a 777 position would not happen for a long time.