Pinning posts

Sorry about throwing this topic in here, but I have no other way to PM the mods. Have you considered adding the pinned post capability to the forum. It seems like certain questions get asked over and over again almost daily. How about:
Path to Becoming an Airline Pilot
Minimum Educational and Legal Requirements
What to expect when you’re expecting…ok that’s a different forum altogether
What to Expect During Your First Week
What to Bring for Training
Tips for Success at ATP

Just thoughts out loud…although it may reduce mods’ engagement with some newcomers, it would add a good reference right at the top of each sub-forum.


We actually recently started a FAQ section which has been slowly growing. The problem is (and I mean no disrespect to anyone) but EVERYONE believes their situation is unique so the same questions get asked often. That said it’s always good to start a conversation and hopefully give someone some guidance so we do what we do.


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Copy. I agree that that extra degree of engagement adds a personal touch and it is admirable to see the mods share your unfiltered view on the entire range of issues


We do have a FAQ section and are always looking at ways to expand it. Thank you for the suggestion, we will take it into consideration.