Piper Archer or Cessna 172?

In the Intro Flight we get to choose what we want our intro flight aircraft to be in, how about for the actually length of the training do we get to choose between aircraft? and if so can anyone tell me some Pros and Cons of each and flight characteristics and preference between one or the other? Would like some help choosing which one I would want to fly in based of people’s experiences. Thanks


I am not so sure that you will get to choose the type of aircraft that you want to fly for the intro flight, but I wouldn’t worry about it either way as an intro flight really has nothing to do with the specific airplane and everything to do with basic flying.

During the program, your aircraft type will be base don which location you attend, you will not have a choice.

I would not spend a single minute worrying about this. Both airplanes are excelling training aircraft and will serve y9our purposes well. I have flown them both and enjoyed flying both of them.


Ok thank you

It depends on the location on what will be available. Both the 172 and the PA-28 have similar characteristics performance wise. They are both “floaters” per say. The differences are obviously low wing versus high wing and I find the 172 cockpit a bit more roomy than the PA-28. Piper likes really confined spaces for some reason, lol. The Archer (layout wise) isn’t far off from the Seminole, so that can help a bit with transition into multi engine phases. Other than that both are quality training aircraft.

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