Piper Archer w/ G500 X-plane

Anyone know of a place where I can download/purchase the Archer III with G500 for xplane? I’ve found a G1000 and steam version but no G500. Im about to start IRA, and I feel like this would be helpful at home.


I’ll save the mentors the time of answering this question. We are not a Sim community. This forum is for real world pilots or aspiring aviators who have questions about the industry or ATP flight school. I’m sure your question can be answered by a Google search.


…We’ll I’m a “real world pilot” who was just asking a question. I feel like it’s super common and helpful to use an at home sim while in instrument training. I tried google, just figured I’d ask here since almost everyone at ATP uses the Archer with a G500.

Archers make up only about a quarter of ATP’s fleet, I believe. Cessna 172 and the Piper Seminole make up the majority of the fleet.

As far as sim recommendations go, I have seen the mentors here as well as flight instructors at ATP discourage at home Sim usage while doing an accelerated program, as it can create bad habits or tendencies without an instructor present to correct you.

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Where I am going its all Archers for singles. That could be a good point actually about the accelerated program. Thanks.