Plan for the next 2 years

In the next 2 years i hope to get my PPL. I am autistsic and really don’t think i could get through the interview stage for airline pilot training which kind of brings me down.

Have you got any tips on getting your PPL? The first thing i thought about was writing down everything i’ve learnt as i learn it so i dont forget it.
My dream is to fly the 777 but seems like i’ll never get there :frowning:


None of us are Medical Examiners nor do we have any idea where you fall on the Autism Spectrum. I’d recommend you find an AME (aviation medical examiner) and have a conversation. If you can obtain a First Class Medical an airline career may not be out of the question but again that’s well above any of our levels of knowledge or expertise.

As for training for your PPL I suspect you’ve found techniques that have helped you to learn. Flight training is not much different than learning most other things. I’d encourage you do use those.



As you know, the autism spectrum has a very broad spectrum and it is a diagnosis that is frequently given out. I would encourage you to speak with a FAA medical examiner to determine whether your diagnosis will prohibit you from obtaining a medical certificate.

Whatever personal style of learning you have will likely work well for pilot training as well. There certainly is not one and only one correct way of studying.