Possibility of jumping from CFI directly to a Major Airline

Hi all,

I was just curious if you could just skip applying for a Regional Pilot job then go directly to applying to a Major Airline possible? Just had that lingering in my mind. Lol. Thanks


Well, you could always apply straight to a major, but they would never even consider a pilot that did not have some serious regional, corporate, or military flight time. I have never once heard of a CFI going straight to the majors.

The major airline jobs are very competitive, they only consider the most qualified candidates.


Thanks for the quick reply chris. It was just wishful thinking. Thank you :blush:

I think we all wish that was possible :slight_smile:


Just to drive the point further, a large number of military pilots (you know F-22 fighter, C-17 etc) still have to do some time at the Regionals to get competitive. It’s not just “paying your dues”, it’s building experience.


It definitely happens that corporate pilots make the leap from corporate to the airlines, although the majority of airline pilots come from the regionals.

Keep in mind that the major airlines are hiring airline pilots, as such RJ guys and gals are the perfect fit. Also, RJ pilots tend to fly much more than corporate pilots do, so they build their flight time a lot faster.