Possible hiring hindrances

Hello, My name is Thom, I’m 39, spent 19 years and logged 2.2 million miles as a heavy haul OTR truck driver. I was injured in December 2015, had several spinal surgeries, and lost my career. I’m cleared to work, can pass a class 1 FAA physical, and have no limitations that will hinder flying, but I’m concerned airlines will shy away because of my injury. I spent 19 years doing something I hated to support my family, now I’d like to spend the rest of my life doing what I’m passionate about. Do any of you believe my injury will dissuade airlines regardless of my ability to perform without restriction?


If you can obtain a first class medical with no restrictions, then you should be able to be hired. However, if your spinal injuries are going to prevent you from lifting heavy luggage or getting into small cockpits, then I would stay away from it.