Possible New Evidence for MH370

Some hopeful new evidence might be coming out in the search for Mh370, the Malaysian 777 flight that disappeared years ago. This story first appeared a month ago in Australia, and linked below is the update now involving interviews with government officials.
The biggest search ever undertaken attempted to find the downed aircrafts position but came up empty except for a few dozen scattered airplane parts that washed up on the shores of Africa.

Now, new evidence might help pinpoint its location, and it’s a unique source! Amateur Global HAM Radio use sending radio signals into the skies around the world. Basically Amateurs around the world turn on their radios, point their antennas to the sky and send each other messages to see who answers and from where (I’ve done it a few times with friends; it’s fun, interesting and it’s a total nerd fest lol). Now someone created a program that tracks all this radio signal data through the sky and can see when those signals bounce off an object (somewhat like radar ATC uses or for WX). In this case the program tracked an object that followed MH370 flight path down to a pretty specific area.
This data is being taken seriously and after some more investigation, could lead to another ocean search!

So, here’s to some hopeful news in todays difficult times.
Chris F