Post Masters Career Change?

Hi everyone!

I’m a nurse practitioner inspired to change careers and become a pilot. My dream is to be captain of a Boeing 777. I have a masters degree already. Is there a way to become a pilot post masters?

I work 3 days. I know the program full time is 5 days a week. Is there a way to do the program part time?

Thank you so much for your help in advance!



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You can do the program part time, take a look at the Flex Track link that Adam posted. Having a Master’s Degree really does not have much to do with it, you are free to switch careers whenever you like. I must ask, what is your age?


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Hi Chris! Thanks for your response. I’m 28

At that age you still have plenty of time ahead of you, but not a lot of time to spare either. If you are serious about this career change, I would get moving on it.

Check out the Flex track program… it is the most flexible to still continue working at the same time. I wouldn’t dilly dally too much though because future class dates do fill up. At your age, you still have plenty of a career ahead of you but to take advantage of the massive hiring wave you don’t want to delay too much. Have you considered taking the leap and quitting your job, a loan to cover expenses and the program? It’s the most efficient route to becoming an airline pilot.

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