PPL Admissions


I was curious if there is any exception to having my PPL + hour minimums before registering for a start date with PPL?

I am about 2 months away from my PPL and I understand the current wait time for a class is about 5 months, and I would not like to go 5 months without flying before starting school.

Would it be possible to reserve a PPL start class without a PPL and minimums in hand?

Additionally, is it possible to join an earlier class date if a student cancels or drops out at my local ATP School?



No, there are no exceptions. I realize that this probably wold not be you, but many students are “very near” getting their PPL, only to get rather delayed and not finish it anywhere near when they thought they would. For this reason, you have to actually have a PPL to register to start the program with credit for such.

Yes, it is possible to reserve a class date, but then move up if a student cancels. Just let the admissions department know that you want to do that when you register and call back every so often.


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Prerequisites are prerequisites, if you don’t meet them, you don’t qualify. It is just like a job interview, if you can’t meet what they’re looking for, you simply won’t get accepted/CJO. ATP has the prerequisites set in order to ensure that when you come to ATP, you will succeed and have the best opportunity at a successful aviation path.

You mention you’re 2 months away from your PPL, how many hours are you at? Are you flying on a consistent basis, did you complete your written exam yet? If you’re around 20 hours, I would consider just starting Zero Time at ATP if you can and using the skills and knowledge you have now at ATP, and yes, I have seen many students come in with 10, 20, 30 hours… and they were super successful.


That my friend is called wishful thinking.