PPL flight training and Ground school

Hey everyone i have decided to go and get my PPL before i start with ATP and im already enrolled in ground school and wanted to know if i can do my ground school while im getting my 45 flight hours for PPL and any tips from anyone who has done this already. thanks!

Keep in mind ATP requires 78 hours to join with a PPL.


Ground school and flying go hand in hand. What school are you attending? Your CFI should be providing you with your ground instruction. Are you enrolled in an online ground school course?


yah im doing an online course before i take the knowledge exam cause its easier to do it on my own time right now.


You can do it however you like but you really should be speaking to your flight school and instructor for this information since you’ll be working with them.



I would caution against online ground schools. Yes, they may be more convenient, but that does not meant that they offer the same level of knowledge transfer as being in an actual class does.


Online test prep for the PAR is different than ground school. What online course are you enrolled in?