PPL Prerequisites

Hello all!

I am currently working on my fixed wing PPL at a local school and hoping to finish up this coming February (2022). I hope to then start at ATP in MN shortly after that (March 2022 if able). However, I just read online that to get credit for your PPL, ATP requires not only that you have your PPL, but you also have 78+ total flight hours and 8+ cross country PIC hours… Does anyone know why this is?

Does rotor time count towards this total? I went to flight school for the Army and have about 330 total rotor time with instrument/commercial rotor ratings. I would hope that this would at least count towards the 78+ hours of TT. Any info provided would be greatly appreciated1

Looking forward to getting started!


Hi Bradley!

Yes your rotor time will count towards total time. The 78+ hour requirement is a prerequisite because if you have exactly 78 hours TT (including 8 hours XC PIC) you will have the exact minimum number of hours required for the commercial certificate.



The reason for the prereqs is to ensure that you meet all the requirements for your Commercial license (CFR 61.159). Your rotary wing time will count as long as you have the records. I’d contact ATP admin just to make sure they don’t need anything specific.


Awesome, that makes sense. Thank you both!

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