PPL Scholarships

Hello, I am 16 and interested in earning a PPL. I am currently applying for a scholarship with AOPA, but do you know of any other scholarships that I might apply for? Thanks, Thomas


Honestly I’m not aware of any but Google is a wonderful resource.


Here is the FAA’s website for grants and scholarships. Maybe this will help your search!



Thank you!

Alright hear me out. If there’s a place to join AFJROTC in your high school i’d consider it!

I got selected for a program through the class to be sent to their flight academy. (was supposed to go last summer but COVID canceled it.) It’s an all inclusive program that’ll take you for 8 weeks to one of many universities it’s set up at, pay for room & board, ground school, class I medical exam, travel, and all the flight experience necessary to walk out with your PPL. I’m not sure but i think they might pay for the flights with Civil Air Patrol to keep up your license until you graduate. It’s the whole shebang lol.

There’s no military obligation either! it was set up to address the growing pilot shortage. Rank/time spent in your ROTC corps shouldn’t affect your chances either. The only thing corps wise that would help you is spending a semester on a model rocketry team.

The only drawbacks is it’s not easy to get into. Only 10% of the applicants made it my year, but any flight time you have GREATLY improves your chances. This includes RPAs too!

hope this helps!


You will not find many scholarships out there and certainly not any that are significant enough to cover much of flight training. The vast majority of people finance their flight training.


Thanks! I wish my school had that, but we’re a pretty small town school. I’m applying for the $10,000 AOPA scholarship for high schoolers. They’re giving out 80 of them so I might have a good chance. Thanks again!

I have heard of EAA haveing $10,000 scholarships for just your Private Pilot’s License. but I think there are some requirements for it like you have to have soloed once, and use all the scholarship money before a year has passed. Here is the link to their Scholarship page:

and here are some of the requirements that I got from a webinar last year:
David - Ray Aviation Scholar 11.12.pdf (2.4 MB)
You may need to open both of them in a new tab I had to right-click and open in new tab.

Wow, thanks for the info I will definitely look into that!

Any time :slightly_smiling_face: