PPL w/o Flight School?

I am a plumber looking for a career change I have always had a interest in flying and have always planned to get my ppl at some point. My current job site is at the Salt Lake International Airport working the expansion, I have a very good view of runway 34R. Watching the planes take off and land has piqued my interest in flying as a career. Money is tight, but I want to get started working on my ppl.

A friend of mine is a CFI and owns his plane and is working towards his ATP(not the school). He told me that I can get my ppl with him teaching me and I don’t need to go a school. Is it allowed to train with a CFI that is not associated with a school and be able to get my ppl? 6

Hello Jake,

Absolutely! If your friend is a licensed and current CFI he can give you all the training and signoffs you’ll need for your PPL. Now obviously if you want to make a career of this I’d recommend a more standardized professional environment but if you’re just looking to get your PPL go for it!


Thanks for the quick response. I do want to turn it into a career. I plan on going to a school for the rest of my training.


That’s cool. If you can get you feet wet, build some time and save some cash kudos.