PPL Written DONE!

Well I went in last week and knocked my PPL Written out on the first try with only 4 missed. I am now working on the Instrument written now and wow. ALot different. I was given my Sheppards study guide and in it it says only follow this guide dont mix other guides and how to study. I am following it to the T but I am lost. It is telling me to look at these figures and charts but they have zero meaning to me as I dont even start class until June 19th. My question is will it mess up my study guide to watch a few video lessons to understand what the charts even mean so I at least have a reference to fall back on? Right now I feel like I am just trying to memorize answers to 1100 questions and My mind cant hold that much and recall it back when it comes to numbers. Thanks!!

Congrats!! I’m working on my written exams also now! Question…

On the ppl written are they using the same question bank from sportys?

I have seen every question i took on the test in sportys practice exam so yes


First of all…Noice! Congratulations on the PPL.

Now with regards to the IRA, yes you can definitely watch some videos about IFR and try to make sense of the questions through that. I remember many of the instrument questions on NAVAIDS are very unclear and hard to understand…thats just the way these tests are unfortunately.


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Yea Sheppards is really more of a “rote” type of deal. study whatever you need. It’ll start making sense.


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