Pre-existing Obligations While In School

Hi All,

I am getting ready to enroll in the program; however, I have a commitment for a bachelor party (I’m in the wedding) in March of 2018 which will last from Wednesday to Sunday. How serious of a detriment will it be if I need to be gone for this while school is going? Obviously life happens for everyone, so it may only be as big of an issue as I make it, but wanted to check.

Thanks, guys.


Getting 3 days off during training is generally not an issue, depending on when it falls? If you’ve got a scheduled checkride for that Mon it could be. Best thing is to let your instructor know WELL in advance so they can try and work it during a less critical point in your training. You should be fine.

FYI, I’m not sure a Bachelor Party 7mos from now qualifies as “Life Happens”?


I appreciate your response, Adam. And fair enough, haha. I guess being as I am in the wedding, I feel an obligation to be there. But I understand your point.

Thanks again!


Students often need to take a few days off for numerous reasons. March 2018
is a long time from now. Who knows what phase of the program you will be in.

What you need to do is make a formal time off request to flight ops. If
approved, you will have a note on your online profile indicating that you
are unavailable for training on said days. Your instructor will
automatically be notified as those days approach, but it’s a good idea to
remind them.

Your instructor will provide you with the email address for flight ops.

Make your request after you’ve started the program. When do you start, by
the way?


Hi Tory,

Thank you for your response, as well. I am in the process of selling my house as we speak. Proceeds from this will assist in paying for ATP. Not registered yet, but was told the programs start every month? All that is needed is a month’s notice?



According to the website, students starting from zero time have the option
of starting on the first or third Monday of each month (depending on
location). Students starting with credit for private have the option of
starting every other Monday.

You can make your request at any time, after you’ve started. The sooner you
make the request the better. If Flight Ops says it’s too early to know,
then they will tell you exactly when to make the request. I don’t know what
the magic number of months is. It depends on many different variables. I’m
just telling you who the decision makers are.