Prediction for aviation industry

Hey! I will be joining a flight school in few months,not decided yet. My questions is in case I complete my 1500 hours in next two years will there be demand of pilots in regionals or anywhere in usa? What do you predict about the aviation industry for coming years?
And what is the average pay for first officer in Skywest airlines?

Thank you.

Hey Yash,

As you probably know already from reading the threads in this forum, there really isn’t any way to predict what will happen in the future. The way things are currently, the airlines will be hiring for at least 5 more years because of high rates of retirement at the majors.

As for average pay, you can check out AirlinePilotCentral and see the pay rates. I average around $4-5k/mo working about 16-17 days a month.


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As Yarden said it’s impossible to predict the future (none of us have crystal balls). That said barring any disaster (natural or otherwise) things should(?) continue to be strong for the next few years at least.


Thank you so much. Hope i start my training as soon as possible.