I was wondering if its a good idea to print PPL, ,IR, Multi-engine, CFI, CFII, MEII and any other preparations from online and learning a lot about flight while starting my two years to get a associates in business, I know it doesn’t matter what major to become a pilot. I was wondering if I read, print, study packets on my free time before I enroll myself in ATP to make things much more less tense, would that be a good idea? definitely want put all my time, effort, and dedication. Want to feed myself as much information as I could before getting into ATP. Is it possible to learn everything if I wanted to for free online before enrolling? Also do you have any book recommendations that helped you get through ATP? Thanks!


While I appreciate your enthusiasm it’s really not necessary. While I would never dissuade anyone from reading or educating themselves there’s a reason why the FAA actually requires flight instruction. Many subjects may be difficult to understand out of context, particularly if you have no flight experience. While you can read all about P-Factor on takeoff, Vmc, flying a backcourse or many other concepts, until you actually experience it it’s just academic. Flight training also is cumulative, each skill builds on the next and without a firm foundation small holes can become larger ones.

I recommend you focus on your business degree and do as well as you can in college. When it’s time to start your flight training ATP will provide you with everything you need AND present it in a way so you can be successful.


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I am going to second Adam on this, focus on your college and do well, then work on flight school. To be clear though, an Associate’s Degree will not cut it for the major airlines, they want to see a full, four year degree.